Spring = baseball

Sports is in my blood, just like photography.  In my previous career, I was a professional sports writer for 11 years in the newspaper business.  Along the way I covered everything from Texas high school football to the NBA and the NFL, including Brett Favre’s amazing 2009 season with the Minnesota Vikings.

Living here in Tampa, there are a handful of baseball teams that come to this area for spring training.  I took my son to the opening game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Toronto Blue Jays.  (Unfortunately, my favorite team, the Dodgers, no longer come to Florida for spring training.)  I wanted to enjoy the sunshine and the atmosphere that day, so I took only a few shots from the stands. Here are a couple.


6 thoughts on “Spring = baseball

  1. Great angles and the pics pop,,,what camera are you using and do you know anything about the camera equipment as in can you recommend a great starter digital camera for us ?,,WOW,on your header pic that is toooooo Kool that you got the angle just as the bird was diving in,,,,awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing we love nature and we are always finding excuses to be outdoors,,,my hubby and I love to fish,go to state parks, waterways, woods,,where the natural beauty leads us and we always miss wonderful moments and would love to start a collection of photos for my grand babies …….we have a two year old who lives to be outdoors,,,,TtyL and Peace,,,,,, Aunt Denni and Uncle Allen

    • Thanks for your compliments! The camera I use is a Canon T2i. Depending on your budget, you can find DSLR cameras on sale online for good prices. You can look on Craigslist also, but just be careful if you go that direction because you want something in good condition. Thanks again for visiting my site!

      • It’s a pleasure! Man o man nobody like me lol realizes how hard a pitcher(or maybe this is a baseman) needs to work until ya capture this pose,,look at that arm preparing to throw that ball,,,amazing!

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