My karate kid

My son Evin competed in his first karate tournament this weekend in North Port, FL. He did much better competing than I did shooting!  He earned two third-place medals, and I walked away a little frustrated at the poorly lit gym and tough angles.  But overall, it was a great day because he had fun!  I’m very proud of him!

There were a lot of challenges shooting that day.  The backgrounds were cluttered, and it was difficult getting fast shutter speeds under the lighting conditions.

But here’s one that I like.  This is Evin doing a roundhouse kick during kumite fighting!

Evin also performed his kata in front of the judges.  That’s his teacher, Sensei Lugo, watching closely in the background.

My favorite pictures are usually candid shots.  This day was no different.

Here’s a shot of Evin and my wife Monique:

To the victor go the spoils!  Delicious hot dogs! Evin enjoyed his favorite meal right after the tournament ended.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the day!


14 thoughts on “My karate kid

  1. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy these pictures. My favorite pictures are candid shots too. Capturing an actual moment in time is better than posed shots to me! Great work by the way, your photos are amazing….all of them.

  2. Rick, I don’t know a thing about the does and don’ts of photography, the good and the bad of photography but I know what stirs my soul and your pictures always do. They make me want to start clicking. Congratulations to Evin, way to go!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A green belt! Congratulations!
    Yes, I also like taking the candid shots (the models not so much sometimes!) And I’ve been frustrated enough with indoor soccer sessions as well. lol

    • Thanks! We’re so proud of him. Karate is the one thing he has stuck with for any real length of time. … Regarding indoor gym lighting: that’s the only situation where I consistently feel my f2.8 glass is slow! Lol

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