Stormy sunset

I’m really looking forward to making photographs of sunsets this summer here in the Tampa area.  After some strong rain late this afternoon, I thought there would be a good chance of a beautiful sunset tonight.  Fortunately, I was right.  The clouds provided the dramatic backdrop I needed.

Which one of these pictures do you like the best?  The first one is underexposed, but I like it anyway.  My favorite is probably No. 3 because of the different layers of clouds.  Please let me know your thoughts.

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3


24 thoughts on “Stormy sunset

  1. Sunsets are fun! I like the first one. The second one looks (to me) like the curves adjustment is a little overdone. I don’t mind the third one, but the first one (again, to me) has the most impact. It’s vivid, it’s got dramatic contrast, and the sky is the star of this show, not the trees; who cares how underexposed the trees are?

    Good shots all around! 😀

  2. O.M.G. I will be the first to admit I know not a thing about under or over exposure…but number one rocks..that is the favotite one from 1308 Gurnsey Way…beautiful

  3. I’m going to be the odd one out and say that I like number 3 the best! I think its the color… beautiful!!

  4. I like the first one for the tonal depth… second one has some detail in the foreground that distracts… I like that more of the orb shows in the third one but you got a lot of ‘nothing’ sky(it’s not doing anything for me) at the top – maybe crop some of it out?

    It is almost a tie between 1 and 3 – I love the impact of the darker tones on #1, so I think I will go with #1. 🙂

    Oh, look at me ‘critiquing’ like I am a professional! Lol!!

  5. I like the first one the most, it has more drama and contrast, the second one looks overexposed in the sky (like you did an HDR that went a bit wonky) and the third one has great colour but the clouds dont have enough contrast, they appear flat. Of course the joy of sunsets is you can play and experiment, esp if you get a good one that gives you a nice long show.

    I did a workshop with a teacher who showed how to use the incamera settings to boost colour and sharpeness and saturation, which I found really made a difference and you can be quite creative. This shot was taken a week after the course, and was done in camera as jpg (three exposures blended very lightly for HDR effect)


    BTW I *LOVE* your banner shot, that is *amazing*, perfect timing!

    • Thanks for the insightful feedback! I appreciate you taking the time. The first shot is pretty much straight out of camera except for a few tweaks in post to accentuate the colors. The other two shots I decided to take some chances. 🙂

      I really like the sharpness of those sunset shots you posted! Very nice.

      And thanks for the compliment on my header!

      • Its by taking chances that we learn, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt 🙂 Sharpness is due to using my tripod and minimal interference with the camera when shooting, I have to get a remote release one of these days.

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