Cat nap

This young Clouded Leopard napped high on top of rocks in its shelter at the zoo.  This gorgeous creature is an endangered species.  It’s sad to think so many beautiful animals are close to being wiped out (and so many more are already extinct).

I had a hard time taking shots for various reasons.  The light was very dim, forcing me to use ISO 800 while I handheld the shot.  Using f2.8 I was almost able to make the bars of the cage surrounding the enclosure disappear.  If you look closely though (especially by his hind legs) you can see some blurriness and slight discoloration.  Still, I am happy with this shot!



14 thoughts on “Cat nap

  1. The cat is beautiful. Is there anyway you can touch it up to bring the cat out more from the background? They blend together with their similar color. (To me, if you like it don’t worry about it, just my thoughts)

  2. I love how you caught the cat peacefully snoozing away on a rock, Such a soft, delicate looking animal, yet capable of fiercely attacking anything within their range if they feel threatened. The rock surrounding the animal emphasises its frail look.

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