Flamingo art

This is the first time I have posted a picture with selective coloring on my blog.  But I thought this shot worked pretty well because it doesn’t feel so overdone (at least not to me). 🙂

Originally, the background was full of green ferns.  The picture was fine.  But it was a little too ordinary, and I thought the background competed too much with the flamingo for the viewer’s attention.  I think this end result gives the flamingo more presence, and it feels fairly artistic to me.  Fine art photography is a subjective term, but would this qualify?  I welcome any thoughts you might have!


11 thoughts on “Flamingo art

  1. Love how the flamingo stands out against the dark background. Brilliant colors! I am no expert on fine art photography, but in my opinion, it does qualify.

  2. I would like if you had shown the original as well as the edit. I like the image but I think you might have to tweak the beak. When you removed the background color, the shade of the beak got lost because they were probably similar tone. You did not “overdo” it at all, it is very subtle and if you had not mentioned that you used the technique, I do not know if I would have spotted your edit. On the other hand, you could go all out and saturate the colors that remained and let them strike the eyes. What makes art? I do not know, and I certainly am not qualified to judge something as Fine or not. Does it stand the test of time? Does it engage the viewer in some emotionally based way? Is it unforgettable? These would be the marks I personally would use to separate the common from the fine. You pose a good question and a well done photograph.

    • Excellent insight. Thanks! I agree about the beak. I had the same thought as I was processing the photo. Unfortunately my post-processing skills are limited. I have learned quite a bit about Lightroom but am really just beginning. I really appreciate your feedback and kind words!

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