This might be a terrible picture.  I can’t decide.  I almost deleted it right away in my camera before downloading it to my computer.  But what I do know is that it caught my attention and still holds my interest.  Yes, from a technical standpoint, it has many flaws, including that the subject (an ibis) is almost completely out of focus.  I also don’t like that the tip of its wing is outside the frame.  It’s underexposed as well.

And yet for me there’s something a bit surreal about this picture.  I don’t participate in the weekly WordPress photo challenge, but if I did, this would be my entry for dreamy.

The underexposure makes it more dreamlike, I feel.  And the motion blur makes my eye travel across the picture, almost as if I’m trying to find the focus that the camera didn’t.  In addition, I absolutely love the uncommon perspective on this shot.  It makes me feel as though I’m flying along with the ibis, but high above it.  It’s not often you get to shoot down on a bird that’s in flight.

So what are your thoughts? Should this picture have been deleted? Or is it a keeper?



15 thoughts on “Dreamy

  1. Rick – I’m absolutely no expert, but most of the things you mentioned – exposure, focus, blur – aren’t a problem from my perspective. I agree that looking down at the ibis makes it interesting. The only thing that’s troublesome to me, but perhaps not to others, is the missing wingtip. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. For me, it’s not so much the technical aspects of a photo, but the feeling a photo inspires that is beautiful. This is a beautiful photo to me, personally, because it’s simple, almost abstract…and the beauty of such a bird in flight is what is felt most…to me. 🙂

  3. I agree it’s unfortunate to miss the wingtip, but the other ‘imperfections’, are there in just enough quantity to give it that ‘dreamy’ feel. I think it’s a combination of the softness, and the sense of movement from the blur, as well as the perspective. Makes you think more about the moment and the flight, than the details of the bird itself. If it was classically ‘perfect’, you’d lose this feeling I reckon.

  4. Rick, thanks for liking my flower photos and for finding my blog. I like the close-up shot of the lily – the series where you mention your 4th wedding anniversary. Lots of good shots in that collection.

  5. I like it from an artistic photo, not a technically correct photo. Keep meaning to do the Photography challenge photo but keep forgetting. Maybe this week. Love your dolphins by the way and am jealous of where you live by the ocean. Kinda land locked here in Nebraska.

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