Bald Eagle lacks table manners!

This adult Bald Eagle returned to feed the family at its nest this morning in Holiday, FL.  The adult is taking a moment for himself to gulp down some fresh fish.  Pardon him chewing with his mouth beak open!  You can see how eager the juvenile Bald Eagle is to get more fish, even though he had already been served first!




11 thoughts on “Bald Eagle lacks table manners!

    • Thanks for your questions and comments! You gave me a great reason to do some research! 🙂

      The Bald Eagle Protection Act was passed in 1940 here in the U.S. These lovely creatures were listed as the endangered species in 1967, with their population having dropped primarily because of DDT pesticides and people shooting them for various (no good!) reasons. But thankfully the Bald Eagles have made a comeback. They are no longer listed as endangered or threatened.

      They breed primarily in Minnesota and Florida but can be found throughout the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Canada and Northern Mexico as well.

      • Oh my gosh, thank you… I wish i had so much more time to devote to blogging, and viewing others posts… I have hundreds backed up.. but alas, you are a favorite.. my REAL job is crazy right now, so leave me only an hour in the evening to do anything.. also the wedding and children’s photog. I do take alot of time. But I so enjoy my little birds and flowers… they are my FUN time! I think alot of Phil Lanoues work ,,,, and I see he has been visiting you , so I am glad about that… he give s good feedback.

      • Thanks Sally! That’s a very, very nice compliment to call me one of your favorites!!

        I’m really glad you connected me with Phil, a great guy and photographer. I wasn’t aware of his work until you mentioned it. So thanks again!

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