White Tiger sleeps

A beautiful White Tiger sleeps!  I have been inspired after recently reading David duChemin’s “Vision & Voice,” which I highly recommend for anyone interested in photography.  The book has encouraged me to try different post processing techniques and to find my vision for the pictures I make.  I think I accomplished that well with this White Tiger picture!





15 thoughts on “White Tiger sleeps

  1. Hey Rick, Hoping this greeting finds you and yours happy and well. Thanks for book tip. I love animals and your pic here is great. The tiger looks at peace while sleeping.What is your vision for this pic? Keep sharing your gifts with us please Blessings ❤

    • My vision for this picture and in general? It’s still evolving! But for this particular shot I think I knew black and white was the way to go. The White Tiger with black stripes and the dark background just seemed to make the most sense and really drew out the powerful emotions. I’m very pleased with the final result!

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