About me

I’ve always been passionate about photography. In 2010, shortly after moving to Tampa, FL, I jumped into my photographic journey much more seriously. Along the way, I decided to start this blog to capture more memories of the things I love and to share them with others. 

I shoot anything that grabs my attention and makes a great shot, whether it be family portraits, models, landscapes, wildlife or anything else.  My photography models include my 11-year-old son Evin (when he lets me or isn’t looking!) and my wife (when I can convince her, which isn’t often).  We moved to Tampa from icey St. Paul, MN, because we wanted a lifestyle change: the sunshine and the beaches!  I used to really enjoy taking pictures of our French Bulldog, Chico, but he passed away suddenly at age 2 in May 2011.  And although I have hundreds of pictures of him, I regret not taking even more.  Never waste an opportunity to shoot what or who you love!

43 thoughts on “About me

      • Thank you for encouraging words! 🙂 Yes, I have been fortunate to travel a lot – and the more I do, the less I imagine my life without it… It has been great to start blogging and meeting wonderful people all over the world – it is like another way of traveling without actually doing so! 🙂

  1. Thanks for stopping by; you have great photography! I agree; taking hundreds (or even thousands) of pictures of someone or something which you enjoy, is wonderful and worthwhile. I enjoy looking back at all of the pictures of my late mother.~chaoticwhitespace

  2. Great stuff – I like the diversity. Besides my main photoblog, I also have a football-themed photoblog focusing on my Hawkeyes. I have a dream to stand on the sidelines one day like it appears you have been able to do. For now, I have to be content with my 270mm from row 15 in the end zone corner. http://kinnick138.wordpress.com Give me a look and if you can, I’d love some shots of my former Hawk Adrian Clayborn wreaking havoc in a Bucs uniform!

  3. You have some amazing shots here – I love the header with the pelican dive and the candids of your family. Looking forward to following your blog.

    • Thanks Barbara! I appreciate you following me. I was just on your site and am very impressed. I love your flower shots with the bees – – great sharpness, colors and perspective! I look forward to following you as well.

      • It is awesome man!!! How many shots did you take? What camera did you use and are using currently?

      • Thanks!! I have a Canon Rebel T2i, same one I used for that shot. It took about two or three dozen shots to get that one. I have others that are cool, with just a tiny bit of splash, but that is the ultimate in timing because his beak is barely touching the water.

      • Yes I love it. You should really copyright it. I have a T3i. Did you study photography in school or do you learn along the way.

      • Thanks again. I’ve never taken any classes or workshops. I’ve learned photography through reading some good books/online forums/websites, studying other people’s great work online, and practicing with my camera. I’m slowly learning more about post-processing with Lightroom, which I really like. I’ve wanted to join a camera club, but I haven’t taken that step yet.

      • OK cool. I learned most of my skills from Karl Taylor. He’s a british photographer. So you prefer lightroom to photoshop?

      • Oh nice. I’m thinking about getting lightroom as well. So does it allow you to do editing like photoshop and more?

      • Lightroom is a scaled-down version of Photoshop. You can make many changes that you would make in Photoshop. But it is also a powerful file management system to keep your photos organized. I think it’s well worth the small investment.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post on dragonflies. You have some nice shots on your blog. I use Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS4. I used to only use Photoshop but now that I have Lightroom I use it for almost all of my post processing. I am thinking about moving up to version 4 but have not decided to spend the bucks yet. Best wishes

    • Thanks Eddie for stopping by as well. I use Lightroom 3. I would upgrade to LR4 but I have read too many negative reviews about it running sloooow for people with computers more powerful than mine. I am waiting until Adobe fixes this issue.

  5. I’ll get in line of those jealous of your move south to the sun & beaches! My husband & I long for the day we can do the same…and we both GREW UP in Florida! Look forward to joining you on your photography journey!

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